President’s Report

AKC on the Japanese Chin
July 25, 2021

President’s Report

March 15, 2021

Hello Members,

I am very excited to see Dog Shows opening up more and more, I am even more excited to see Japanese Chin Winning, Placing in the Groups as well as Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show, such a great year for Japanese Chin!

During our last Board Meeting we have a motion to start the Chin Chit Chat again. The Board now needs to decide how often the CCC is produced. I ask the membership to please aid the Board in their decision. Write the Board as your desires towards the CCC. I feel there may be a need to send out a survey, please submit answers so we, the Board, may serve the Membership better on this subject. At this time the CCC will be produced digitally not print.

The Website is still being reviewed and bids accepted. What we have against us is a means to pay for the new design. The Board passed the Chin Chatter to sell advertising on it’s quarterly report and to bring back the CCC with ads to help generate funds. Our Ways and Means Committee have been approved to produce and sell Key Chains and Lapel Pins to raise funds. Have a great idea to raise funding? Let the Board know! Also contact our Ways and Means Committee with your ideas and maybe volunteer to help.

May the ribbons flow,

Kathleen Sepulveda
JCCA President


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