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JCCA Member Breeder Listing


(formerly called Breeder Weblinks Guidelines)
  1. Club members may link their Japanese Chin website to the JCCA website, or, if a member does not have a website and wishes to participate in breeder website information, they may do so by having their name, kennel name, state of residence, and their email address, OR website address, OR telephone number added to the list of breeder links. Upon payment of the fee to the JCCA Treasurer in the amount of twelve dollars ($12.00) per year,either a weblink or the member's contact information may be added. Pro-rated amounts do not apply. There is as flat fee per year for one month or twelve months. Breeder weblinks or informtion desired in a member's contact information for the next year must be renewed by December 31 of the current year.
  2. Members requesting to link their websites or information to the JCCA website must read, sign
  3. and date the JCCA Code of Ethics. A copy of the signed document will be retained by the JCCA Secretary.
  4. The subject matter of member websites linked to the JCCA website may include information on the individual member's breeding program and information about his/her Japanese Chins, or any other information related to his/her Japanese Chins.
  5. Disparagement of the kennels, dogs, and/or breeding programs of others will not be allowed. No commercial websites will be permitted to be linked to the JCCA website without board approval.
  6. If there is a question regarding the suitability of a weblink, the Treasurer will refer it to the board for review. If the website link is found to violate the guidelines, a warning in writing will be sent to the offender, with a deadline by which the offending material must be removed. If the warning is not effective, the website link will be removed after the deadline has passed. In this event, the fee paid for the weblink will not be returned.
dated 12/10/2007

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