Join the
Japanese Chin Club of America

Do you have a love of the Japanese Chin? Would you like to join fellow chin lovers to help promote and preserve this charming breed of dog? We would love to meet you and your dogs!

Japanese Chin Club of America (JCCA) is the AKC parent club for the Japanese Chin. The JCCA encourages and promotes quality in breeding of purebred Japanese Chin and works to protect and advance the interest of the breed. We invite fanciers of our delightful breed to join us!

Membership Information

Membership Dues


U.S. Individual Membership: $40.00
U.S. Household Membership: $50.00 **
Junior Membership: $10.00
Canada Individual Membership: $50.00
Canada Household Membership: $60.00 **
Foreign Individual Membership: $60.00
Foreign Household Membership: $70.00 **
Breeder Webpage Link: $12.00

** Note: Household membership is two members residing in same household; they will only receive one copy of the CCC. Foreign Membership fees includes a postal surcharge.

Please contact the treasurer with any questions at

How to Join JCCA

  1. Apply for membership online or via the mail in form.
    Download and Print Memberhip App
  2. Pay the membership fee online or mail a check in with your application.


    Via Mail:
    2421 WILDWOOD RD
    CURTIS, WA 98358-9715

  3. Obtain the sponsorship and letters of recommendation from two current members. The sponsors should not be from the same household. Sponsorship letters may be mailed or emailed to the Membership Chair.
  4. After the Membership Chair has confirmed an application is complete, the application is sent to the secretary and published in the Members section of the JCCA website for membership input.
  5. Next, applications are voted on by the officers and board for final approval. Because of this process, becoming a member can take up to 6 months after the application is submitted.

Note: Membership fees for applicants approved before August 1 will include the current year's membership. Membership fees for applicants approved after August 1 will include the following year's membership.

If you have any questions please contact the JCCA Membership Chair at

Existing Members 2022 Membership Renewal
To renew your JCCA membership for 2022 you will need to make a payment by December 31, 2021. You can pay via our new CHIN CART SHOP or you may send your membership dues by check (payable in U.S. funds).

CHIN CART SHOP     Download and Print Membership RENEWAL Form

Please fill out the pdf. You can either email the filled-in and saved pdf form by attaching to an email and paying via the online store. Or you can print out the form and mail in with your check. It is important to make sure your information is current in the directory.