Breeder Referral

If you would like to find a Japanese Chin to add to your life, please check in with our Breeder Referral Committee. The Breeder Referral Committee maintains a list of breeders who are members in good standing with the JCCA and emails the list to individuals who request it. JCCA Members who are actively breeding should contact the chair to be added to the list.
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Please do your research into the Japanese Chin breed to see if one may be a good fit for your personality and lifestyle. Are you a good dog owner? Here is an article from the American Kennel Club with points that you may wish to consider: 75 Ways To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

Please research your potential breeder before purchasing your new puppy or dog. Here is a link that you may find helpful: Signs of A Responsible Breeder

Florida - Two Oaks -
Tennessee - Megumi -
North Carolina - Cherbo -
Washington - Bliss N Kisses -
Idaho - Satsuki -
Mississippi - ShadowLand -
Arizona - Origami -
Arizona - LaFleur's -
California - Royal Silk -
Florida - Marbet -
California - La Belle -
Washington - Gayels -
Colorado - SLR Diamond Show Do -
North Carolina - Ni Kokoro -
New Jersey - Dizzy -
Washington - Gumshuz -
Washington - Cobeauche -
Ohio - Sonset -
Missouri - HapiChin -
Member breeders can list their information and websites from the JCCA Members area.

Japanese Chin Rescue

If you would like to help give a good home to a rescue Chin, please check this out.

Sometimes adding a baby puppy is too much for a busy family, but you may consider opening your heart and home to a rescue dog.